Please note: The VRE service is now deprecated in favour of the Office365 suite of tools ( and specifically the Teams service. This means new requests to add research project sites to the VRE are now no longer possible.

Existing research projects that are currently using the VRE service will be unaffected for the length of time that they still need the service and requests to add users to existing sites will be honoured, but it is STRONGLY recommended that existing projects consider migration to Teams in order to take advantage of the improved tool sets, filespace and easier handling of external collaborators.

If prospective, or existing, users of the VRE service feel they'd like to discuss the new Teams service and/or migration please feel free to contact service desk in the normal way by emailing

Welcome to ResearchTools

ResearchTools is an adaptation of Sakai, developed specifically to provide an online collaborative research environment.

The IT Service website provides more information about the ResearchTools VRE, including how to register for an account. Further details and advice are available in the User Guide, the Admin Guide or by contacting

You can find out more about Sakai in general from the Sakai Project website.

External Collaborators

New login method now in place

ProtectNetwork users can change their own login to be via a social identity provider and should do so before 15 Nov 15, when our contract with ProtectNetwork will expire.